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We like to keep things simple, we do not impose any arbitrary usage limits in an attempt to make you pay more.

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More than just a Domain Availability API

IP Geolocation API

Get vital information and contextual data as to the geographical location of your users.

Domain availability API

Perform a deep and highly reliable probe as to the registration status of a given domain name.

Screenshot API

Make use of our page rendering software to create detailed screenshots of any webpage you wish.

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Things to shout about

Why use our Domain availability API

Fresh and reliable

We have spent a long time building an API to provide up to date data which is served in a consistently formatted Json object. We are, however, never done developing. We are constantly expanding and improving upon our API offerings.

Have a REST(ful API)

Our API is wrapped in frustration free packaging to allow you to implement it with ease and speed. To consume any of our services simply perform a single HTTP GET request to our servers, no special headers required. Check out our documentation to learn how our developer first approach will benefit you.

Security through whitelisting

We follow security best practices for our services and we've built in tools to help you secure and audit your app too. Instantly setup an IP address whitelist for your API key to ensure that your key can only ever be used by your servers. Audit your usage through our browseable API logs, letting you stay on top of your usage.

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1001 - 3000 $0.0009 $0.00
3001 - 50000 $0.0007 $0.00
50001 - 100000 $0.0006 $0.00
Any Additional $0.0005 $0.00
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