How can I get in touch?
To touch base with us at any time please use our contact form.
How secure is JsonWhois?
We take the security of your account and our systems very seriously. We follow industry and security best practices where possible and regularly audit our logs. Your card details are not stored on our servers, instead they are stored with our payment provider Stripe.


How can I reset my password?
We follow a similar password reset procedure to most secure website. Please navigate to the password reset page, enter your email address and submit the form. You will then receive an email from our system containing password reset instructions.
How can I resend my confirmation email?
Once logged in to your account you will see an orange banner at the top of the dashboard prompting you to confirm your email address. Contained in this banner, to the right side, is a button which when clicked will resend your confirmation email.


Are my card details secure?
Yes. Your credit card details do not travel via our servers, instead they travel directly to our card processor (Stripe). We take security very seriously.
How much does this service cost?
There is no monthly or signup cost to use our APIs. This means that should you use less than the free monthly allowance you will not be charged a dime. When your usage increases the cost to you will be calculated using our tiered billing system which will provide discounts as you increase in volume.
How often am I billed?
You will be billed in a NET30 billing cycle starting from the day your account is created.